A Leader is a Dealer in Hope?

March 26, 2022

A leader is a dealer in hope.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

  1. Hope .

a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.



a feeling of trust.

want something to happen or be the case.

March 15, 2020.  This is the date many companies and organizations began what was supposed to be a 2-week shutdown due to the Coronavirus.  Just a few days earlier the World Health Organization officially had declared it a pandemic.

For all of us it was only the beginning of an unprecedented 2-year period in our lives we will never forget. 

Leadership during a “crisis” is a transparent way that each of us gets to show others who we really are.  Often, it is said, that how we respond during a crisis will define us to others for “the long haul”. 

During a prolonged period of uncertainty, people seek stability and security.  Hope becomes the “tool” to help all of us achieve those needed feelings. A leader’s optimistic and confident reasoning, seasoned with strong amounts of hope help us get through the most challenging times. 

Leaders are charged with a never-ending set of responsibilities, but in the time of crisis hope becomes most crucial. Leaders can create such an environment which provides a sense of calm within the organization.  During critical times, team members look to leaders to help them navigate through unforeseen conditions and unpredictable challenges.   In times of crisis, inspiring hope is invaluable and necessary.  

Sometimes it’s just a simple heart-to-heart talk to reassure someone.  For others, they need to see you model positive behaviors when you deal with challenging situations.  Leaders get these opportunities every day.  We just have to be open and receptive to react appropriately when they are put in front of us. 

Hope conveys a sense of self-confidence.  Your demeanor becomes a beacon of light for others to follow.  It can become a guiding factor to help others overcome even the most challenging situations.  It provides the mechanism to reset our minds and reframe what is happening and what is on the horizon.  Hope can be the rallying cry to muster the strength to get through the next day.  Simply put, hope offers a balancing effect to even the most concerned team members.  By conveying the message that nothing can last forever and together we will “get through this” we are serving ourselves and others.   It can also make people feel less alone and overwhelmed.  

As the Coldplay song says,

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones

Don’t be afraid to shine your light.  Others are looking for it.

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