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I had the pleasure of working with Paul when he first came to East Tennessee. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the employees at Yale were taken care of during their unfortunate closure. When he first started with Del Conca I had the opportunity to work with him again on a few projects and he always led with professionalism and pride. Though our career paths do not have us working on projects together anymore I can always call him for Human Resources advice on any situations I may run up against. If ever asked who would be the best person to handle issues in the area I would always refer them to speak with Paul due to his experience and genuine care for people.
Matt B.
Paul Boyles !!!!! I was recommended to Paul to speak at the local SHRM monthly meeting by a mutual HR friend. That was probably 3+ years ago. Since then, I have gotten to know Paul well. The best recommendation I can give is that I would hire him in a second. A second! Paul does things right. He is ethical, respectable, and highly engaged as the HR Director at Del Conca. Paul goes above and beyond to be an influential HR leader in his area. He knows what it takes to be a thriving leader.
LeeAnn F.
Head Coach -
Chief People
Paul Boyles is a reliable HR professional with exceptional skill sets in ramping up the HR function, or in guiding a company through a closure. I was fortunate to interact with Paul as he helped close Yale Lock, and shortly thereafter as he helped Del Conca get its operations off the ground in Loudon, TN. Whether working with him on job fairs, or HR related continuing education efforts, Paul carries himself as an insightful, caring HR professional. He's been a pivotal point-person in growing membership in the Loudon-Monroe HR Association over the last several years, too. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for his advice regarding any HR or leadership development effort.
Adina C.
I've been a part of LMHRA and witnessed Paul lead the professional association like no has in the past. He has revitalized the group with meaningful speakers and topics that have increased attendance and provided valuable information for us as members. He is a true professional and has the golden touch by improving everything he leads in the Human Resources field.
Don T.
I have been working with Paul within the same local Human Resource group and I must say his leadership skills are outstanding! He took our group which was ready to fold and made it into a vibrant organization that is adding value to the members and the member companies. I have always said, if you want to test your leadership skills then assume a role in a volunteer organization and get that group to head in one direction. This he has accomplished though his leadership and communication skills. Paul had a vison, and through his tenacity and getting help from many others we have once again a dynamic organization that everyone is proud of and it is being sustained. If you need or want a great leader on your team, look no further than Paul.
Jim P.
HR Manager
Paul is a knowledgeable, experienced and level-headed human resources professional. He takes a fact-based and measured approach, and is a pleasure to work with.
Howard J.

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