Perseverance – The Walt Disney Way

November 7, 2021

How To Stay Motivated to Achieve the Results You Want!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit….

This was Walt Disney’s “first version” of what would become Mickey Mouse. When Oswald wasn’t so successful Disney went back to his drawing board and kept working.

Disney’s first cartoon studio went bankrupt and failed.

When that happened he moved to Los Angeles with $40 in his pocket and tried to become an actor. That didn’t work out either.

His estimated 300 pitches to banks to fund Disney World were met with rejection.

But he never gave up. He was a true leader and visionary. He persevered over and over again because he had a goal and was determined to achieve it.

Today the Walt Disney World Company is literally known around the world.

So the point here is never give up. As a leader you will be faced with challenges, hardships, rejections, etc. Keep your eye on the goal and keep moving forward.

In order to do that – you MUST have the support system in place to help you get there.

Time for yourself, accountability partners, proper resources, a balanced life perspective, a coach, etc. These are just a few of the fundamental supports you will need to achieve your goals.

Take the time to evaluate what you want and how to achieve it. Be realistic in your planning and make sure you have all the necessary support systems in place. Most importantly, make sure you actually use the support systems you have.

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