Mothball That Meeting?

October 3, 2021

Is it time to mothball that meeting?  The meeting check list below should help you determine that.  Take the time to genuinely reflect on every single question below.  Meetings consume a big part of your work week and your team’s work week. How much time do you spend in meetings every week?  Is this the best use of your time or your team’s time?  What aren’t you getting accomplished when you are tied up in meetings every week?  All leaders should be asking these questions.

First take a look the validity of the meeting itself.

Does it really serve the purpose it was intended for?

If it’s outlived its purpose, is it time to retire this meeting or “reframe” it to meet the needs you have now. 

Are the right people in attendance?

Is the meeting too long (or maybe too short) in duration?

Is it appropriately scheduled?  Beginning of the week, middle of the week, or end of the week?  What works best?

Is the time right – start of day, end of day, etc.?

Is the frequency of the meeting appropriate – maybe it needs to be 2x per month instead of weekly?  

Does someone need to take minutes?   

Do you really need to be in attendance? 

Is this really the best use of your time?

Is there someone else more appropriate to “take your seat”?   

Is there an agenda?  

Do others have input on agenda items?

Is the full agenda shared in advance of the meeting?

Does the facilitator ensure the agenda is adhered to?

Does it start on time and end on time?  

Does someone keep the meeting on track and on schedule?

Are attendees really encouraged to participate and contribute? 

What can be done to keep the “meeting” relevant?

Before the meeting adjourns, does the anyone recap the important agreed upon “action items”?

How are participants held accountable for their “action items”? 

After the meeting, are minutes distributed on a timely basis? 

Hopefully this checklist has you thinking. For some of these questions there are clear cut answers.  For some of the other questions it really depends on your organization/company.  If nothing else it may be at least time to evaluate “the meeting” and make some decisions regarding its validity, status, format, scheduling, etc. 

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