Everybody’s Watching – Leaders Are Always On Stage

BACKGROUND Leaders are always “on stage”.  Everyone is watching what you do or don’t do – always.  Good leaders know this.  The old saying about “character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking” applies here.  The example you set is what will be followed.  People will follow where you lead.  Consistently, display the […]

Life Lessons – Being a Better Leader

About 10 days ago I had eye surgery.  Medically I had  a DMEK procedure.  In terms I understand I had a partial cornea transplant.  It all started about 5 months ago when I had what was supposed to be routine cataract eye surgery.  Turned out to be not so routine.  The day after the cataract […]

Difficult Conversations

Oh boy!  My mother said there would be days like this but… never in a million years did I think I’d have to have “this conversation.” Nothing in my school days ever prepared me to deal with something like this.  All leaders have experienced thoughts and feelings of anxiety when difficult situations arise.  We’ve   all […]

Rewards & Incentives – What’s Important

 Right now, we have all heard how important employee engagement is.  How critical it is to retain the talent we have on our teams.  The current workforce statistics are driving these points home more than ever.   It’s always been important.  What we do or don’t do to attract, engage, and retain talent is and always […]

The Purpose of Crisis

Crisis of Purpose.  I heard this briefly discussed yesterday on a podcast.  The discussion was not lengthy or even deep (considering the  topic).  Neither the guest nor host really delved into the topic much, but it got me thinking.  I suspect based upon the last 20 months or so, there are many people experiencing a […]

7 Quick Tips to Navigate Change

Bob Dylan’s song was on point.  The one constant in this life  — is change.  Countless famous quotes about it can be found.  One is better than the next.  Change is inevitable and is always in motion. The concept I favor the most is the idea that “if we’re not moving forward, then we are […]

How to Ask for Help

Overwhelmed?  Experiencing work overload?  Up to your neck and can’t seem to tread water?  In the weeds and no way out? There are tons of expressions to describe that feeling.  The gnawing, knowing feeling that you have too much work on your plate.  So, if we all experience it, what is the solution?   That depends. […]

10 Easy Ways to be a Better Leader

EGO Don’t let your authority/position go to  your head.  Remember leadership is a privilege, not a right.  What you do and what you don’t do impacts the lives of others. Your behaviors and actions greatly affect others.   Don’t forget that. Relationships Remember it’s always about people. Nothing else.  Your relationship with every person you get […]

Mothball That Meeting?

Is it time to mothball that meeting?  The meeting check list below should help you determine that.  Take the time to genuinely reflect on every single question below.  Meetings consume a big part of your work week and your team’s work week. How much time do you spend in meetings every week?  Is this the […]

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