Why You Need an Executive Coach Now!

Think of some great sports teams.    Think of some great coaches.  Do your lists have anything in common?  Think about the teams led by Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Pat Summit, etc.  Incredible would be an understatement to describe their teams.  Young aspiring athletes or Olympic hopefuls frequently relocate (to other parts of the […]

Taking Charge. Taking Control. Take Your Calendar Back

The simple fact that you are reading this post is an indicator that your calendar may be controlling you; instead of you controlling it. Maybe you find yourself at the end of the week with not enough week left and too much work remaining.  If that’s the case take a few minutes to consider these […]

10 Easy Ways to Fail as a Leader

To Delegate or Not Delegate? Sometimes we hesitate to know when to delegate tasks, projects, etc. or not delegate at all.  The common pitfalls:  I can do it quicker and better myself.  I don’t have time to show them. I don’t trust them.  Take the time, Make the time.  Teach them to fish and they […]

Delegation – 7 Easy Steps

“Just Do It” doesn’t always fit.  Frequently, we ask ourselves what we can do to solve this challenge we face sometimes all too often.   We don’t need to be the superhero of the office.  Delegation may be just the answer. Delegation must be done with considerable thought.  There are many things to think about and […]

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