Why You Need an Executive Coach Now!

October 3, 2021

Think of some great sports teams.    Think of some great coaches.  Do your lists have anything in common?  Think about the teams led by Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Pat Summit, etc.  Incredible would be an understatement to describe their teams.  Young aspiring athletes or Olympic hopefuls frequently relocate (to other parts of the country) to be near a renowned  coach. Talent alone does not create great.  All too often, first-rate talent requires a great coach too.

Who Needs an Executive Coach?

Simply put  — leaders who want to improve.   Leaders who want to move their team to the next level.  Leaders who want to further develop/grow their own skills.  Leaders who are struggling in some area and want some unbiased, confidential help to deal with those challenges.  Coaches are a great investment for newly appointed leaders too.  Coaches work to assist these individuals transition into their new role.

How Will an Executive Coach Help Me?

A good coach will serve as an unbiased, outside  sounding board to:

  • Assist you in defining and achieving goals.
  • Give you the tools and resources to bring clarity to your role and function. 
  • Be a confidant.
  • Bring their experience and knowledge “ to the table” for you.
  • Serve in a non-judgmental way.
  • Help you to self-reflect more thoroughly and more often. 
  • Help you navigate the “non-technical” matters you must deal with. 
  • Bring experience and proven leadership knowledge  and resources  to you. 
  • Provide input/suggestions for your day-to-day challenges or more long-range matters.

How Do I Find the Best Coach for Me?

Research. Research.  Research.  Do some homework before you hire someone for this important investment.  Check with colleagues and peers .  Check with local professional associations or HR organizations.  Thoroughly review their website, including the “testimonials” they have posted.  Ask yourself, do they have the experience you are seeking?   Are they “certified”?  How much does that matter to your needs?   Do they have a specialty niche?  Is that important to you?  Additional thoughts to consider include are the sessions in-person,  strictly virtual,  or both.  Will their scheduling arrangements meet your needs?  Do they offer an “introductory” session?  Consider if  they available for  “short check ins” if needed prior to the next schedule session.

You deserve a coach.  The investment you make in yourself will pay off untold dividends. 

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