Taking Charge. Taking Control. Take Your Calendar Back

October 3, 2021

The simple fact that you are reading this post is an indicator that your calendar may be controlling you; instead of you controlling it. Maybe you find yourself at the end of the week with not enough week left and too much work remaining.  If that’s the case take a few minutes to consider these pointers below. They can help you regain control of your current and future work weeks.

  1.  Start each week by evaluating what’s on tap and what  you MUST accomplish. Take a good look at what you are committed to doing and what needs to be deleted, moved, delegated, etc.
  2.  Establish your priorities for the upcoming week, and then determine your priorities for the near future.  Look at what you have said yes to and realize that for every “yes” that means you gave a “no” to something or someone else.  Give yourself the opportunity to use and showcase your  best talents and skills.
  3. Block out enough time on your calendar for what you have committed to.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to accomplish what you’ve promised to deliver to others.  Allow a small amount of “wiggle room” so you can also deal with unexpected illnesses, roadblocks, “emergencies”, etc.
  4. Limit the number of meetings you attend.  Evaluate if your presence is really needed for every meeting on your calendar.  Are there meetings you’ve scheduled that you can “delegate”  to others? 
  5. Learn to say “no.”  Don’t be afraid to decline a project assignment,  meeting invite, task request, etc.  Give yourself the chance to do your best work. Why overload your calendar with things you simply don’t have to do & end up overworked and stressed out? It’s just not necessary.

By implementing these tips, you’ll end up with less stress and will create a better overall work performance.  These new habits are not necessarily easy to implement – but are certainly worth it.  By developing them (and sticking with them) you will accomplish much more and will have a higher level of satisfaction at the end of your work week

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